So why would you hire me?

I have the academic background. I have a BA in Economics and a BA Honours in Political Science from McMaster University, Canada. After working for a few years I completed a Master in Media Practice from the University of Sydney, Australia.

What did I do with my education?

I’ve always worked in a job that involves creativity, whether it was designing a brochure advising new immigrants to the Hamilton-Wentworth area (Canada) about their labour rights or putting together a website for a small marketing outfit in Mauritius. I had to be as creative as possible. Lately I have been working with Procurement Academy, an e-learning company based in Belgium. I do editing on the content, videos and animation. I also write the scripts for the e-learning courses. Although, procurement was not an area of expertise I learned very fast…

Contact me and I will send you my CV which will give you a breakdown of what I have done.


Date: March 31st, 2014

What is PinkishHue.Com? It is a blind date website/app. Pinkish hue is from Seinfeld. If you were a fan you may remember the episode when Elaine hooked up George on a blind date with one of her friends. She enlists Jerry to help her. During Jerry’s description George asks him if she a pinkish hue.Read More…

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Whatever you can do and dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic. - Johann von Goethe