is my home on the web. My name is Pooben Narayanen, I’m a writer and creative consultant based in Mauritius, with on the ground experience in 16 countries. Experience that ranges from planning a communications campaign targetting school children in Madagascar for a development program to interviewing leading business personalities in Italy for a country profile.

These are my services:

Creative Solutions

I come up with creative solutions to help you solve problems or come up with ideas. Ideas that can help your business grow or simply become more efficient. I’ll give you an example; you have a plant in a developing country. You would like to boost your workers productivity, have them take ownership of their work. What if you were to contribute to their kids’ education? Show them you care…


My writing varies from content for a website, to a newsletter for a company or a guide for your end users. Recently, writing e-learning content and scripts for a Procurement Academy a Belgium based e-learning company.


I can work with you to set up or improve a communications program. Make sure you hit the right targets and you are not wasting funds unnecessarily. One of my best work and life experiences was setting up radio programmes on coastal development in Zanzibar when I worked as Communications Offer at ReCoMaP an Indian Ocean Commission program.


You do not have to time to look into a new trend that you have heard about? Let me do it for you. You want to invest in a particular country but you’re not too sure? Let me help you get the information you need. I’ll write it up in a concise manner making sure all pertinent information is included. At Veling, an aircraft leasing company, one of my roles was to do research for the managing director on subjects relating to new travel products or how one of the company’s subsidiaries can improve its services.




Date: March 31st, 2014

What is PinkishHue.Com? It is a blind date website/app. Pinkish hue is from Seinfeld. If you were a fan you may remember the episode when Elaine hooked up George on a blind date with one of her friends. She enlists Jerry to help her. During Jerry’s description George asks him if she a pinkish hue.Read More…

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